Where To Stay On The Isle Of Wight

As a holiday hot spot, as you can imagine, there are lots of options to choose from when when looking for accommodation on the IOW. From camping and glamping to holiday and caravan parks, self catering cottages, BnB and of course, hotels. There is a something for everyone. Here is a little helping hand on where to stay on the Isle of Wight...


Camping has changed so much over the years, but when I'm talking about camping, I mean the pitch up in the middle of field on a farm type of camping - you have your essentials of course, like a loo and shower block, but its more back to basics. A great way to really get away from it all and a wonderful time for kids just to run around without having to be entertained 24/7. If this is what you are looking for, then, here are some suggestions:


A bridge between camping and staying in bricks and mortar, glamping is a lovely way to enjoy the great outdoors without getting your hands too dirty! Proper beds, duvets and carpets, you wake up feeling refreshed and you can stand up when you get changed. There are lots of options on the Isle of Wight, all offering something different, but these four caught my eye:


The all encompassing, quintessial British holiday park should be experienced at least once in your life - they are the perfect destination if you are either a large group, have kids, want to go with other families. With lots of activities on offer to take part in during the day, the evening entertainment is also great and appeals to all ages ages. Here are our favourites:


Self catering is a great way to enjoy a week away - these days, the properties available really are just so stunning and it's so nice to live in a house for a week or so with that bathroom or sofa you always wanted! Personally I like to go with local self catering agents for the simple reason they tend to know the area better and the customer service I find is better for the simple reason they are smaller set ups and can extend that extra customer service element. Here are the Islands local agents:


Last but not least, you may want to spend your time n the island in a hotel and there are lots to choose from - those that have stood the test of time and are institutions of the island to those newer additions bringing the more boutique hotel feel to the island. Here are some of our favs:

*** Please remember to always ask when booking any of the above if they can get you discounted ferry rates if you book through them - it can be quite a saving and so always worth asking ***

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