VUE CINEMA £4.99 | Gun Wharf

We had the best surprise on Saturday when we went to see Venom at the Cinema. Vue Cinema in Gun Wharf, Portsmouth is one of the trial cinemas where they have reduced ALL tickets to £4.99 - this is for kids and adults.

For a family of 5, this is a complete game changer for going to the cinema ; instead of £55 just to watch the film (that doesn't include the drinks, sweets, popcorn etc), it was the grand total of £25; an incredible £30 saving!!!

In addition to this, you are also given a voucher for free popcorn against the purchase of a drink. Make sure you go on-line to retrieve the barcode needed to get the popcorn whilst you are in line waiting for food - I didn't realise we had to do that and so we weren't able to claim the free popcorn, but on the basis the tickets had been such a great surprise, I didnt grumble - saved it for next time.

The cinema was packed - it was great, like the good old days of cinema and because Gun Wharf has such a great selection of restaurants, lots of people we going out to eat either before or after - may seem like an odd thing to say, but I do believe that the cost of films has been so cost prohibitive that cinemas are quite often empty, but when they are full, there is so much more atmosphere - I love it.

One last feather in their cap is that Vue Cinema also offer customers a 4 hour parking ticket for £2.10 (usual price for 2 hours is £2.90 and 4 hours is £6.00) so its just save save save going to this Cinema.

The ticket prices will remain as it for the foreseeable future and we all really hope that they find the trial to be an out and out success - fingers crossed! So get yourself down there, take the kids or your partner out for an impromptu evening film - it's good for the soul and everyone will walk away happy :)

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