The Magical Village | Portmeirion

Despite having grown up in various parts of the world, Portmeirion-Village is one place that has always been very much part of my life; the iconic tableware is what we ate off and those 'family portrait' photos that your parents have scattered around the house, for our family were the ones taken in Portmeiron from our annual summer holiday to my grandparents.

When I moved to Wales, I decided to visit and was instantly mesmerised. The only way I can describe it is magical. Snowdonia is beautiful in its own right, but when you enter through the turquoise gates of Portmeirion, its like walking into a bubble. The colours, the architecture, gardens, the vibe, everything about it is uplifting and inspiring and then when you learn the incredible history and people who have been part of its heritage, it is even more amazing!

I was incredibly lucky to have a guided tour with Meurig Jones, the events manager. If there is anything you want to know about the history and goings on at Portmierion, then Meurig will know. I have a note book FULL of notes and anecdotes from the tour; too much for one post so I'll have to spread it out over a few, so for now I thought I would give a brief introduction.

Built by Clough Williams-Ellis, Portmeirion is an Italianette village based in North Wales paying homage to Portifino, Italy . The early days saw the likes of Noel Coward visiting followed in the 1960's by the Beetles (Brian Epstein was a regular visitor) and the popular 60's TV series The Prisoner was filmed here. The buildings are an array of colour and all shapes and sizes with pieces that have come from all over the country; as the days of old stately homes being used as private residences was coming to an end, they were selling parts of the buildings and interiors off. Once these pieces landed in Wales, they were 'Cloughed Up' and added to the Portmerion portfolio; it's why it's such an incredible place to be, so much character, beauty and tales to be told.

The village has a number of self catering apartments, a hotel and swimming pool. The award winning restaurants bring in an influx of people throughout the year. There are lots of cafes along with great gift shops and their own PM ice-cream. The private beach is a great place to go and relax looking out over to the Snowdonia mountains. Alongside the village are 70 acres of woodland and gardens. the 120 year old rhododendrons are certainly worth the trek into the woods to find them.

Whether you are looking for a day out, a special meal or somewhere to take someone on a romantic holiday, you cannot possibly go wrong. If you are in Snowdonia, you absolutely have to go and see Portmerion for yourself. You would be mad not to!

In my younger days at Portmeirion...Mum was obviously getting her 'Welsh' fix at the time judging by the clothes!!!!