We finally made it to the Fforest Coaster at Zip World today and it did not disappoint in any way shape or form!

Living in the area, the kids certainly take for granted the things that are on offer to them on their doorstep; not only are the options available to them endless, but they are also pretty special which means that they are not that easily impressed anymore by stunning scenery and high adventure... add in the fact that they have reached that 'difficult to please' age, it means that a fun day out is like playing Russian roulette as to whether or not it will be a success. A day at Zip World was most certainly a success!

We were a group of 6 (2 adults and 4 teenagers) and arrived at 10.30am for 11.00am start. Checking in was easy and after a quick loo break, we were in the queue and ready to go (everything is really well marked out and within easy walking distance). The queue moves fast and so in a relatively short time we were on the ride itself. Most of us decided to go solo, but Lexi and her friend Mari decided to go together (makes the cart go faster).

The start of the ride is so peaceful as you ascend up through the forest with all the tall pine trees - it is so beautiful and surprisingly relaxing for a roller coaster ride. As you get to the top, you push your bars forward and go..... fast.... much faster than I had anticipated looping through the forest back down to the bottom. The run is 1 km long which is good as it isn't over before you know it. You can reach speeds of up to 25 mph; It's fun, a lot of fun. Like the traditional toboggan ride, you have bars to the side of your cart that you can pull up and brake if you want to, so you do have an element of control during the decent.

You have three runs in total and at the end of each run, you come off the ride and re-join the queue. Don't be put off by this, it moves quickly and it's good to have that break in-between runs as, like I said, it is a long, fast run and so a bit of time to recoup is not a bad thing. For the last run, we all agreed to go 'no brakes' but I couldn't do it and chickened out, but I think everyone else managed it, just me that bottled out... age for you!

The kids went onto do the Tree Top Nets which I will cover in another post, so my friend, Mandy and I went for a coffee at one of the 2 on-site cafe's while the kids ran around the nets for a couple of hours. We all met up for a picnic lunch on one of the benches available and left at 3pm. We all had such a great day; not just for the kids, but the mum's too; maybe more so!

There are lots of reasons I think this is such a good place to go for the day, especially if you have those difficult to please teenagers:

  • Everyone was looking forward to it and beaming at the end

  • It was really good to actually do something with your kids as opposed to just watching them - a great family activity for sure.

  • It exceeds expectation - I had read it was a toboggan / roller coaster and was a little unsure as to how good the roller coaster aspect would be - it didn't disappoint.

  • ​£20 a head is definitely good value for money.

  • The staff were all really helpful and smiling - always a winner :)

  • The surrounding scenery is stunning.

  • Everything is within easy walking distance and easy to find

  • There are 6 activities based at this Zip World location - something for EVERYONE.

  • The facilities are all very good - the main cafe offers food, both hot and cold.

  • If you have people in your group that do not want to do an activity, it is a lovely place to sit and have a coffee of walk about.

  • It was a good amount of time as in the whole activity took around 1.15 hours.

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